Financial Aid Services


College costs continue to rise at a rate which far outpaces inflation.
Only 5 percent of people are prepared to fully pay their expected college costs and Colleges are receiving a record number of applications. Today’s college applicants are much more prepared and qualified than in the past resulting in a highly competitive process.
We are dedicated to guiding you through the financial aid process in a manner that is both effortless and precise.

Service Item FAFSA FAFSA + CSS Profile Standard package Premium package
One hour consulting
Quick answer service
FAFSA Preparation
FAFSA completion on time with accuracy
FAFSA SAR Managment
IRS DATA Retrieval
Follow-up of Verification Form
CSS Profile preparation & completion
Guidance of additional documents
Completion of additional documents
Follow-up of IDOC
Follow-up of State Financial Aid
Assistance of In-State Tuition
Analysis of Award Packages
Guidance and assistance of Appeals
Consulting for Final College Selection
Federal Loans Assitance
Private Student loan consulting
Current College Plan Analysis
EFC Analysis
Tax report review and strategies
Maximizing Financial Aid Strategies
Better Aid College Recommendation
College Search and Selection
College Payment Plan
Scholarship Recommendations
Starting Process $350

* Pricing may vary based on client needs.


One hour consulting only $150


Add $100 per additional each 10 schools


Add $50 per each Private school when you purchase Package services. (Refunded if the school requires only FAFSA)


Client should pay college board fees for CSS Profile (First college $25, Each $16 from second one)

Our Process

We'll use these processes to evaluate your individual needs, analyze your data for maximizing free money and accomplish application on timeliness with accuracy

Step 1

Schedule a consultation: Discovery Phase

Step 2

Collect the client’s data by the client’s data form

Step 3

Analysis data and build strategies for maximizing free money

Step 4

Input the client’s data accurately and Get the verification by the client’s Review

Step 5

Submit the applications on timeliness

Step 6

Make corrections and update applications if necessary

Step 7

Analyze the award package and plan for appeals