Personalized Solutions

We provide the full spectrum of college financial planning.

Need Based Financial Aid

Merit Scholarship

Tax Efficient Saving Plan

Cost Effective Payment Plan

Personalized strategies based on Income level

Affluent Families
(Above $250,000)

We can help the affluent clients get admitted from the best colleges in the nation and they would be beneficial either in scholarships, tuition discounts, tax deductions, saving time and less stress.

Searching for merit scholarships from private sources.

Searching for merit scholarships that are given by the colleges which are based on certain academic criteria, and

Negotiating with colleges for merit scholarships or tuition discounts.

Submitting all financial aid applications which are mandatory requirements for merit scholarships.

Enrolling in Tax efficient college saving plans.

Building up payment solutions to pay for college in less costs.

But two more children in colleges in the same year, they can be qualified of need based financial aid also.

Middle Income
($80,000 - $150,000)

These families need the most help because they are qualified of financial aid which is not covered fully college costs and don’t have all money to fund college also. They can maximize financial aid amounts through multiple strategies to reduce the cost of college

Upper Middle Income
($150,000 - $250,000)

These families also need help because it is hard to be qualified of need based financial aid. They can pay for college but would have to utilize all or majority of their resources to pay for college. They need to make a chance of financial aid and strategies like affluent families.

Lower Income
(Below $80,000)

We can help these Families receive the best financial aid packages and their children go to some of the best colleges with little or no out of pocket cost to the family.