Private Student Loans

You can get best rates to lower costs.

Private student loans are credit-based loans for college that are used to pay for qualified educational expenses including tuition, room and board, books, and other school related expenses. A private student loan serves as a way for students to fill the funding gap between the cost of attending school and the amount of federal loans, grants, and scholarships available to them.

Student Loans from Community Lenders

Low Rates & Good Grades

Get low rates on student loans from our community lenders that prioritize people over profits. Our lenders may even consider your academic credentials, which can get you a better rate!

1% Interest Rate Reduction

Get a 1% interest rate reduction once you’ve entered the full repayment period and repaid 10% of the loan principal.

Tax Deductible Interest Payments

The interest paid on your loans may be tax deductible. The deduction is generally the smaller of $2,500 or the interest you paid in the calendar year. Please consult with a tax expert to understand if this option may be available to you.

Cosigner Release

Our private student loan lenders offer cosigner release to creditworthy borrowers who have made consecutive, full on-time principal + interest payments. In order to qualify, the borrower, alone, must meet the lender's credit criteria, and the borrower's loan account must be and remain current up until the lender's decision to release the cosigner has been made.

No Fees

Our community lenders don’t charge borrowers any origination fees for their student loans.

Rate Reduction Through Automatic Payments

When you sign up for automatic payments, our community lenders could drop your interest by 0.25%. Subject to floor rate. The rate reduction will be removed and the rate will be increased by 0.25% upon any cancellation or failed collection attempt of the automatic payment and will be suspended during any period of deferment or forbearance. As a result, during the forbearance or suspension period, and/or if the automatic payment is cancelled, any increase will take the form of higher payments.

We are partnering with Lendkey to provide you better rates.

LendKey is a lending platform and online marketplace that allows consumers to apply for and receive student, home improvement and auto loans from their local credit unions and community banks. LendKey's cloud-based tools and infrastructure enable the nation's 13,000+ community financial institutions to enter online lending and offer lower-rate loans for various asset classes. LendKey currently let's consumers apply for Private Student Loans, Student Loan Refinancing and Green Loans.

A credit union is a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution that provides financial services for its members. Credit Unions are owned by their members and their main purpose is to serve the financial needs of its membership. Because of this mission, credit unions are on the forefront of providing thrift and high value financial products and customer service to its membership.

More than 90 million Americans belong to a credit union, and it’s estimated that another 40 million qualify for credit union membership according to “field of membership” rules. There are more than 7,000 credit unions across the country.

A credit union's first priority is to serve the needs of its members, rather than to make a profit for stockholders. This fundamental difference ensures that credit union profits are reinvested back to the people they belong to, by way of dividends, lower rates and lower service fees. As member owned and governed institutions, this mission is always a top priority for credit union management.

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