Student Loan Repayment Planning

Do you need help repaying student loans?
We provide a customized repayment planning services to save money on your student loans.


Confused about which repayment plan is best for you?


We take time to understand you, your goals and future plans. You need a loan repayment strategy that works WITH you, not against your financial goals.

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Need a reset plan

Are you out of school and in repayment?
We can help you make sure you are in the best program for your financial situation. And when changes occur to income, family size, job, etc., we can help you re-set to save money.

In School?
Need a Plan For Repayment

Are you still in school and concerned about your repayment options after graduation? We can help you understand which program is best for your financial situation.


Key Planning Features

With more than 15 years of education financing experience, our professional consultants knows how to save money on your student loan repayment. We can help you a confusing and frustrating repayment process.

  • Import the client’s current student loan data from the NSLDS
  • Calculate, compare and illustrate multiple repayment options
  • Calculate and display complete loan amortization schedules
  • Provide contrasts of loan repayment to current income
  • Forecast loan repayments in constrast to projected income
  • Configure repayment based on client tax filing status
  • Calculate student loan forgiveness amounts based on loan program type
  • Calculate potential tax liability for forgiven debt
  • Build repayment strategies based on multiple future income strategies
  • Create repayment strategies based on planned family size changes
  • Analyze the repayment options annually based on changes in income, family, other
  • Illustrate multiple repayment strategies and comparing for ideal scenario

Student Loan Planning Sample

There are FAFSA, CSS PROFILE, INSTITUTIONAL FORM for student loan application documents.

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How It Works

If you do not know how to manage your student debt and make your monthly payments more affordable than current payments? Please follow below steps.


Enroll a Service by Sign- in


Confirm the Sign-in and submit Data Collection Form


Agree on importing the client's student loans data from NSLDS


Receive Repayment planning report with recommendations


Schedule a consultation


Replan the repayment plan on the client's request


Enroll(maybe consolidating) the repayment option with Guidances


Income Based Repayments

If you are suffering from a financial hardship, you may be eligible for an Income Based Payment. In this repayment program, you would have a payment based on your income and family size. The payment could be as low as $0.00 per month, with forgiveness at the end of 20-25 years.

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