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Bay Spectrum Consulting is a premier consulting firm focused on college financial aid planning and Student loan repayment planning. We are the College Financial Experts and we provide the full spectrum of college financial needs.

Bay Spectrum Consulting

Bay Spectrum Consulting uses the most up-to-date information and a sophisticated knowledge of complex financial aid system to provide the most effective college application and financial aid planning services for all of our clients. Furthermore, Bay Spectrum Consulting offers easily accessible online consulting services so that families located all over the world can receive professional consulting services at Bay Spectrum Consulting. With college fees increasing every year, we understand that many families are struggling to send their children through four years of college. Bay Spectrum Consulting aims to minimize your financial stress and maximize your financial aid opportunities through our experience and knowledge in college financial planning.

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Our Story


Bay Spectrum Consulting

Kelvin Kim is a financial advisor, specializing in retirement and college financial planning. He has 30 years of experience as a leader in the financial industry and international business and has leveraged his knowledge to help many families in designing a customized financial plan that fits their various needs.

Kim approaches retirement and college savings planning with a “College Funding Balance” concept -- a concept created after realizing that college savings should be a comprehensive, long-term solution, not merely a one-time savings solution. Through the College Funding Balance concept, Kim devises a practical and balanced financial plan for each client based on a thorough analysis of the desired retirement plan and the child’s long term education goals, while taking into account any potential financial aid and scholarship opportunities as well loan repayment options. He hopes that his service could be the stress-free solution to achieving your family’s retirement and education goals.


Our Team

We, Bay Spectrum are the college financial experts. We have 20 years experience in the financial and business development area and 15 years experience in college application and financial aid planning.

Kelvin Kim

Kelvin Kim @ Bay Spectrum Consulting

Kelvin Kim is the Founder and President/CEO of Bay Spectrum Consulting, Inc. Kelvin has used his extensive financial background and business development knowledge to help make college affordable for families. His planning with clients includes positioning their finances to maximize financial aid eligibility, structuring their finances to create cash flow for college and taking advantage of little known tax strategies to reduce college expenses.

Kelvin is also the designer of online-based college planning program that is currently being used by Bay Spectrum Consulting and he created "Family Living Balance" to provide the families total solution in College savings, Free money for college and building family wealth for parents retirement.

Prior to co-founding Bay Spectrum Kelvin spent 20 years in the financial and business development arena both in Korean companies and US companies as a corporate Chief Financial Officer.

Kelvin obtained his master’s degree in Economics from Seoul National University in Korea and currently holds professional designations as a a College Planning Specialist as well as a Financial Advisor.

Hyoung Kim

Hyoung Kim @ Bay Spectrum Consulting

Hyoung Kim started his college consulting services in Spectrum College Planning from 2003 where he has developed and managed the very successful Asian Division nationwide. He planned to launch a new buiness in Northern California and joined Bay Spectrum Consulting as a Co-founder.

Hyoung has an extensive financial background including experience in corporate finance, capital raising, and joint ventures. Hyoung obtained his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Statistics at State University of New York at Buffalo and his MBA at City University of New York at Baruch. He also studied Applied Statistics at Yonsei University in Korea.


Why Bay Spectrum

Bay Spectrum Consulting offers easily accessible online consulting services so that families located all over the world can receive professional consulting services at Bay Spectrum Consulting.

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Personalized Consulting

We, the college financial experts provide the full spectrum of college financial needs.
We have various options and services with affordable prices, so you can choose any option it suits you.
We provide personalized strategies based on income level of each family.

Personalized strategies based on Income level

Affluent Families ($250,000+)
We can help the affluent clients get admitted from the best colleges in the nation and they would be beneficial either in scholarships, tuition discounts, tax deductions, saving time and less stress.

Searching for merit scholarships from private sources.

searching for merit scholarships that are given by the colleges which are based on certain academic criteria, and

Negotiating with colleges for merit scholarships or tuition discounts.

Submitting all financial aid applications which are mandatory requirements for merit scholarships.

Enrolling in Tax efficient college saving plans.

Building up payment solutions to pay for college in less costs.

But two more children in colleges in the same year, they can be qualified of need based financial aid also.

Middle Income ($80,000 - $150,000)

These families need the most help because they are qualified of financial aid which is not covered fully college costs and don’t have all money to fund college also. They can maximize financial aid amounts through multiple strategies to reduce the cost of college

Upper Middle Income ($150,000 - $250,000)

These families also need help because it is hard to be qualified of need based financial aid. They can pay for college but would have to utilize all or majority of their resources to pay for college. They need to make a chance of financial aid and strategies like affluent families.

Lower Income (Below $80,000)

Few can help these Families receive the best financial aid packages and their children go to some of the best colleges with little or no out of pocket cost to the family.