Making college more affordable

Making college more affordable

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자녀의 대학 교육을 위한 부모의 부담이 매년 높아 지고 있는 것을 우리는 잘 알고 있다. 최근에 College Board에서 발표한 통계에 따르면, 학비 상승이 소득 상승율보다 높아 지고 있어, 그 결과 Public colleges8연 연속, Private colleges6년 연속 실질 비용 부담이 늘어 남으로써, 대학 학비가 가정 경제 부담을 가중하고 있음을 알 수 있다. 따라서, 자녀의 대학 교육 비용을 해결하는 방법의 하나로 경제적 형편과 달리 학생의 성적과 재능에 따라 각 학교 재량으로 지급되는 장학금(Merit Aid)에 보다 관심을 가질 필요가 있으며, 특히 신입생들에게 장학금을 잘 주는 학교들을 소개함으로써 대학 입학을 앞둔 각 가정에 도움을 드리고자 합니다.

College costs rising faster than income & aid.
Two annual reports released by the College Board show that even after financial aid, the net cost of college has risen — and at a rate faster than inflation, the rise in household incomes, and financial aid, making college less affordable for students and families.
Published prices for tuitions, fees, room and board hit new highs in 2017-18, rising 2.8% at two-year public colleges, 3.1% for in-state students at four-year public colleges, and 3.5% at private colleges. Over the past decade, the College Board has reported that published prices have risen between 2.2% and 2.7% each year. Meanwhile, the average annual increase in median family income, when adjusted for inflation, has been just 0.3% a year. And while more than 70% of full-time students now receive grant aid to help pay for college and financial aid awards are higher than ever, it still hasn’t kept pace with this rise in college costs.
As a result, net prices have risen for eight straight years at public four-year institutions, seven years at public two-year institutions, and six years at private colleges, Money reports. The average net price after financial aid and tax benefits for 2017-18 is $8,070 at two-year public colleges, $14,940 at four-year public colleges and $26,740 at four-year private colleges, the study found.

So if you cannot afford to pay college costs with need-based financial aid, the following schools might be worth looking at, as they give merit aid out to at least 25% of their freshmen class.

Best Colleges for Merit Scholarships

Merit aid can significantly reduce college costs, especially at private colleges. "Merit aid" is a general term for grants, scholarships, and tuition discounts that a college offers to certain student applicants, based on the value they would bring to the college. The aid comes from the college's own resources, so the college is free to award it based on the criteria they choose. Merit aid isn't awarded based on your financial need, it is usually awarded based on the student’s academic achievement, or other talents such as athletic or musical ability. In some cases, the college may simply want to attract students to meet their enrollment goals.  

SchoolPercentage of Undergrads w/ Merit AidAverage Merit Aid Amount
Webb Institute of Naval Engineering100$ 48,350
Olin College of Engineering100$ 25,200
Rhodes College53$ 25,774
Trinity University51$ 17,955
University of Puget Sound48$ 15,389
Denison University44$ 18,537
Hillsdale College43$ 5,531
DePauw University42$ 16,764
Furman University41$ 18,725
Centre College40$ 19,657
Gonzaga University40$ 20,598
Marquette University40$ 10,772
University of Denver39$ 15,253
Hendrix College38$ 25,014
Millsaps College38$ 20,354
College of Wooster38$ 19,329
Muhlenberg College38$ 16,057
St. Lawrence University37$ 20,151
Eckerd College37$ 17,342
Xavier University37$ 15,617
Creighton University37$ 14,255
Oberlin College37$ 19,174
Illinois Institute of Technology36$ 22,595
Lawrence University36$ 19,988
Willamette University36$ 19,120
Baylor University36$ 13,546
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology36$ 11,557
New College of Florida36$ 2,293
Southern Methodist University35$ 21,757
Southwestern University35$ 18,711
Fairfield University35$ 13,527
Rollins College34$ 17,996
Saint Michaels College34$ 16,295
University of Dayton34$ 14,541
Drake University34$ 13,514
Tulane University33$ 22,341
Illinois Wesleyan University33$ 16,936
University of Portland33$ 15,305
Abilene Christian University33$ 10,590
Iowa State University33$ 4,679
Catholic University of America32$ 16,734
Worcester Polytechnic Institute32$ 15,763
Case Western Reserve University31$ 24,745
Clark University31$ 16,362
Transylvania University31$ 15,372
Hobart and William Smith Colleges31$ 15,304
Butler University31$ 12,928
Miami University - Oxford31$ 8,000
Goucher College30$ 16,284
Lewis and Clark College30$ 14,571
University of Rochester30$ 13,617
Whitman College30$ 9,595
Union College30$ 9,500
Beloit College29$ 20,149
Kalamazoo College29$ 18,317
Juniata College29$ 18,054
Drexel University29$ 14,589
Sewanee: The University of the South29$ 10,939
University of Tampa29$ 7,303
Oklahoma State University29$ 5,609
Indiana University29$ 5,548
University of South Carolina29$ 5,057
University of North Dakota29$ 1,601
University of Vermont28$ 9,869
Hope College28$ 8,160
Gustavus Adolphus College27$ 18,355
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute27$ 17,156
California Lutheran University27$ 15,150
Westmont College27$ 13,961
Saint Louis University27$ 13,880
Santa Clara University27$ 13,832
Hampshire College27$ 11,010
Allegheny College26$ 17,480
Whitworth University26$ 16,897
Texas Christian University26$ 15,405
Saint Johns University - MN26$ 15,184
Wofford College26$ 15,057
University of Colorado - Boulder26$ 8,758
Colorado School of Mines26$ 7,997
Marist College26$ 7,619
Clemson University26$ 5,216
Northeastern University25$ 15,331
Wheaton College - MA25$ 11,878
Loyola Marymount University25

$ 10,293

(Source: ACCFS)

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